So, this is probably going to be my last major update :(. The sad part about this is that not much new has happened to report. We as a group have not yet gotten a response from the principle about our project. Therefore, I am going to need to wait to get a response from our authority to make any definitive statements about our project. The loose idea is to hold it in March, but we need both the weather to cooperate, as well as get permission for actually holding the rally. If we get confirmation, I will be writing another blog post. If not, I will still have a small blog post. So, expect a smaller blogpost coming in mid February. Until then, enjoy tennis!

Game and Set, Now just Match

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Over these past few weeks, I have been researching different professions related to my passion, which is tennis. It seems, from what I discovered, that it is a very hard profession to get into, but if/when you do get into a profession related to tennis, it is a high paying job, with upwards of $170,000 per year. My research could possibly help out other people who want to join in a career related to tennis, but have no idea which degree they need, how much experience, or even if they need to be able to play.

Recently, I finally got in touch with my authority, and although I have not gotten a response back from him, it is still very nice to know that we have a person, who is very fond of our idea. Over the next two weeks, I plan on holding a penny war to raise funds for the program, so that we are not idle during the winter when everything else has been stopped. In the spring, we will probably finish our tennis rally, and finish our project.

Passion to Profession

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Today’s blogpost is about how I can pursue my passion as a career option. There were a few things that I found out. The bad ones first:

1.) The sports field is a very perilous profession. It is a very easy career option to lose a job in. One day you could be doing everything you want to, and the next you could be out of a job.

2.) It is one of the only fields where there is a surplus of participants, and not enough jobs to fulfill them all. This means you either you have powerful connections in the field, and a good skill set, or an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation talent.

Some of the perks of this type of profession:

1.) If you can succeed in this type of profession, it is very high paying.

2.) The profession is something that I could do.

Week 5 Take 2

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The most important thing I learned in the 20TIME pitch day project was how to work with my group mates. We got to spend the 15 minute time period before the presentations explaining to one member of our group his part of the presentations, while everyone else was relaxing. All this happened ON the date of the presentation.

This lesson will help me with the rest of the project because we now know how to work with each other, the rest of the project should go a lot smoother than the initial part of the project. Also, now that we have learned each other’s limits, we know when to stop an idea or not push another one too much. The pitch day presentations really helped my group developed some positive chemistry, although there are always going to be some inherent problems with working together in a trio.

The quality of being able to work together with almost anyone is one that will not only come in handy for the rest of the project, but also for the rest of my high-school career, in college, and wherever I get a job, because I am always going to be working in a group. That group may be for a group math test, or for a english project, or even a new developmental program for a big company. Being able to work with a group is a skill that I will need everywhere.

Presentation Reflection

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I learned that I can be very convincing when I want to be. I also learned that the school administrators are very nice. I also learned that even if I start something halfway, it’s still works out better than if you don’t start it at all. I feel like I’ve done better not to bore people. I also feel that if we had come up with the idea of the sign-up earlier, it would have been more beneficial to our cause. I found out just how nerve-racking these presentations are.

Week 4 Changes Galore

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A Quote to start us off today, ” To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” By: Winston Churchill

So far, I have gotten an idea, found a group of people with whome I can get along with, and we together have set up a tennis fundraiser. Only one day into this week, and there are already 4-5 changes being made, and if things don’t change soon, a few more will be made. I still need to contact my administrator, as the person who kept both of our passes was not at school today? I also need to get some supplies for the actual fundraising.

I have found out that I am very lazy. Once I started to do something, it was easy to keep it going. But for me, the greatest difficulty is to get to started. If I can get my self to say, “Well, I have started this, so I can finish this easily”, but it I find it really hard to say, “Lets get started.”

I have learned, throughout the course of this project, that there are deadlines in the “real world”  and I also know now that teachers are not the only ones who assign you days, ideas, and different  Instructions.


Contacting The Administrators

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My appointment with the school administrator is coming up next week, and I therefore have not yet contacted the authority yet. I planning on still asking him the same questions: If I have permission to advertise in the school, and if I can use the school tennis courts on a Saturday in early April/ late March to hold the match.